this guy, John Flaig, who's parents would bring him some coffee crisps from their trips back home to winnipeg REALLY wanted to have his coffee crisps available in the U.S. - so he started a petition and a huge campaign. it took six years but nestle has brought coffee crisp to the states as a result. i guess there's more of us out there that have a liking for coffee crisps! it sure made big news, like fox news reported here! if you like coffee (or even just coffee flavours) you'll LOVE this candy bar! it has "wafers with coffee creme centre". keep your eye out for something that looks like this...

since we're in canada all the time, it wasn't a problem to get a coffee crisp every once in a while. or a triple mocha coffee crisp... now i'll have to ask at the holiday gas station here in town if they can get some in so i can have it more often! maybe that's not such a good thing?! on the nestle website you can even print out a product request form for a store to start stocking coffee crisps : ) i think i'll start by just asking them.

nestle's coffee crisp ad campaign in the states: "how do you like your coffee?"

(answer: crisp)


chin guys singing christmas carols
(my favourite is "twelve days of christmas" or try to stump them! these guys are hilarious!!)

make your own snowflakes on the computer
(me and the kids love to make our own snowflakes every year, even guy's made some!)

desktop calendars

the ultimate christmas light show!!! "christmas in lights" and this was for real!!! i guess it was featured in a miller lite commercial last year... i missed that... you'll find more info about how he did it here

and then the flip side.... there are always people who don't know when to stop... ugly christmas lights