We got settled into our new room pretty quick... it's just as nice as the first room we had but with the bonus of a little refrigerator and a larger closet... still a small bathroom but how much time do we spend in there anyways LOL

Sunday, our first real day here, we walked and walked and walked! We quickly realized though that it's difficult to try and orient yourself, follow a map and read all the interesting facts about these amazing old buildings and the history behind them. so by late morning, we found ourselves at the tourist information building and signed up for a couple of tours for the next day. LOL
It wasn't just me! I had Guy reading the map too...

In the afternoon, we walked the Terrace Dufferin, got caught in some sprinkles (luckily it didn't last too long) and walked up 300 and something stairs up to the top of the walls at the Citadel. we also took a tour of the Governor General`s residence inside the Citadel. and then we went on to walk through the Planes of Abraham. such a beautiful beautiful park. Even at this time of year. I can just imagine once the flowers are all planted and in full bloom!

Yesterday we had a great guide who explained many things about the buildings in Upper Town and finished off in Lower Town (which we hadn't been to yet). I don't even know where to start but in the afternoon we took a bus to L'Ile d'Orléan and then to Montmorency Falls (amazing!!) and then to the Basilique Sainte-Anne de Beaupré. The Falls were incredible... so tall... so loud!! I wish we would have had more time to walk down the side and have a better view. The basilica was the most beautiful church i've ever been in. wow!! so ornate... so colourful... so BIG! We got to appreciate the work in the copper panels that told the story of Christ and the doors to enter the basilica because one of our earlier stops was to the studio of the craftsman who created them.

We have much more stops ahead of us today. More walking... more touring... so much more to see!

well we made it here... had a few bumps (no, nothing major!)

missed one of our trains to the Central Station in Montréal so took a taxi instead : ) the train ride to Québec City was great! the view wasn't much different than what we're used to most of the way. Very nice here!! Wonderful architecture and wonderful history awaits us...

We had another little bump this morning when water started leaking from the ceiling. Our luck... We had a GREAT room, actually it was like a suite. They're pretty booked for tonight so not sure what kind of room we'll be getting yet. Oh well, we'll be gone most of the day today anyways.

We're going to make our way through the Old Upper Québec today and end up at the Citadel by the end of the afternoon. We'll give you an update tonight again. Thankfully there is a computer in the hotel lobby that is available to guests!

Oh! and we were told that "Vos accents sont mignon!" LOL