pictures went great!!! they were all so adorable and looked like life-size dolls. most of the girls had their hair all up in curls and with their big bows on top. cute cute cute!

i heard many parents comment that they didn't care for the outfits but to me the girls wear it well! can't wait to see them at their recital - doing their "splish splash" song!

btw - angie, thanks for getting that cd together!!

they're so looking forward to dance this afternoon because today is picture day. last year, only danielle was in dance, and she was in the middle of this shy phase. i could not get her to pose for picture - not even in the group photo!!! well this year she is so excited to do better! her and chantale can't wait to put their dance costume on. we steamed their costumes last night so the crinolins lay really nice - all pouffy!

matthieu is excited too because he'll probably have to stay at the school age childcare until the girls are done - that means he'll be there a little longer than usual : ) he'd go more often than one day a week if he could! plus he appreciates any time away from the girls.

the girls went for a little snowmobile ride in the yard again yesterday. i'm amazed how well danielle drives that thing! she can't steer a bike but she can steer a snowmobile LOL i don't think they'll get to go too many more times unless we get more snow soon... snow situation pretty sad out here. not as bad as along hwy 11 going to i-29 though... there's this section, by donaldson maybe? where it looks like they have drifts of DIRT and not snow in the ditches... the fields have had all the snow blown off... i'm glad we're more sheltered here!

well, i hope pictures go better this year!
still busy, still feel like i don't have time, still have a growing to do list..... one day i'll be caught up!? i'm starting to get the feeling that's one of those things that will just never be....

and to top it all off we couldn't get in the house last night! it was so cold yesterday - the doorknob was frozen stiff and the key wouldn't budge. of course, i had the three kids standing at the door with each of their backpacks, and i was at the door with my bag, my purse, the diaper bag, four bags from subway, the mail - trying to get the key in the doorknob!!! i always carry a butane torch with me because we have this cronic problem at work of our locks freezing and it has saved me many many times (like yesterday morning). but now that i needed it at home the flame wouldn't stay lit! AGH! get the kids loaded back in the van to keep warm and eat their subs while i could figure out to get the torch to work again. finally figured out that i just had to turn the setscrew (i think that's what you call it) in the bottom. i can't figure how that got turned?! so within ten seconds of thawing the keyhole, i was able to unlock the door! alright! it's just a keychain butane torch but it is awesome! i have to talk to guy about showing matthieu how to use one in case he can't get in the house afterschool one day - or maybe he'll just have to go to daycare if we have any more cold cold days like yesterday.......

danielle just woke up, right away she came to find me and asks me if now it's her birthday today. she just broke down when i told her that her bday is tomorrow. she's still so upset! wonder what her hurry is?

she has been so easy to get dressed this week-now that all her plain jeans are decorated with studs and jewels. we dressed up a pair of chantale's jeans too - chantale thought that was fun too. i got this thing that sets pronged studs and rhinestones, and it's so easy! i was looking for something to dress up jeans and stuff - without too much fuss. since fall, danielle's been on this kick that she didn't want to wear pants or jeans unless they were embellished in some way. even shirts - she won't wear a plain shirt. it's been that way for a few years already - ever since she could voice an opinion! it doesn't have to be much, just a little picture or a little bow but especially a little bling : ) so like i said, danielle now loves picking which bottoms to wear! she had it all planned out this week, which ones she was going to wear on which day LOL i think we're in for more t-r-o-u-b-l-e.....
so i took a little break from this during the holidays. and some of you even noticed - thanks for the reminders : ) i've fallen even farther behind on emails... will i ever have my inbox empty? nope - don't think so! LOL
put on the computer tonight and i'm reading winnipeg and southeast manitoba got over a foot of snow. roseau is 10 miles from southeast manitoba and we couldn't have gotten more than 3, 4 maybe 5 inches (i'm not great at estimates, ok?!) guess they must have meant more north of us, along the trans-canada since that highway was closed for awhile. we might have had more snow but we had a lot of freezing rain... the trees are always so pretty when they're white... some of the willow trees had a hard time with all the ice and snow - branches are touching the ground... should have taken a picture now that i think of it! but that would have meant having to go outside...

the girls went out for a while. they can actually play in the snow without getting dirty now LOL... guy told danielle she can take matthieu's little snowmobile (120) out tomorrow. of course she kept reminding us of that all night : ) that matthieu's too big for the red snowmobile now but that she's big enough!

well i hope you've all had a wonderful holidays with your family and friends!