danielle is bummed and matthieu is looking forward to the end of the school year... it sounds like matthieu isn't interested in taking in summer fun classes this summer.... oh well... i can still make him take swimming lessons - hopefully : )

i figured my flowers would be safe from freezing now so i planted my annuals last night, i'll get the others in the flower bed tonight. i hope monday morning was the last of the frost... guy put up the trampoline last night, so of course the kids were excited about that. the girls came up with this idea to jump rope on the trampoline.... i'm not ready to go back to the emergency room so i told danielle she had to be extra careful. "i know, mom" she says.... yeah, right.... she's also been begging to take the training wheels off her bike. she'll at least have to wait until her dr. says her arm is 100% when we go next week before we take off the training wheels. danielle has improved some for bending her arm but she has a long way to go! at least she can extend it all the way now.

that's it for now....
been busy.... haven't we all!
well where do i start? hmmmm... new name at work - our members voted to ammalgamate with caisse provencher (no, not the ones in winnipeg) so that become official - as of may 1, we are caisse la prarie. that's been a little hectic, but getting better now. we had some preparation to merge our two banking systems but most of it was done at administrative level so we didn't have to work on it too much : ) we threw a little "party", as matthieu called it. still getting used to answering the phone properly, and the new titles, new people, new service charges... keeping lots of notes handy.

saturday was national scrapbooking day - so of course had to go celebrate by scrapbooking... worked on memere's album and made a couple months worth of cards for card club. glad to have gotten those done! the weather on saturday was wet and dreary.... good day to be indoors and doing something i love.

now we're getting ready for the bedard garage sale this weekend... i think it's from 8am to 3pm on saturday if you feel like stopping by. look for the bright pink signs south of town among the sea of garage sale signs that will be up.

the grades 4, 5 and 6 will be putting on their spring program tomorrow.... i'll be going to watch matthieu in the afternoon. chantale will be with me but danielle is going to get her cast taken off tomorrow. she is sooooo looking forward to it. she's had this one on for four weeks now and i'm anxious for her to have it removed too... it's pretty filthy... guess that's what happens when you play in the dirt, in the rocks, and the sandbox with a cast on and get food on it and stuff. she's been very active with her cast on, didn't slow her down for long! guy will be bringing her tomorrow so hope the dr. thinks she's doing good enough that she won't need another one!

well, talk to you all soon....