this is how i spent part of my saturday morning a few weeks ago... they started out as plain papier mache ribbon storage boxes... there's just as many holes on the back side so i have access to twice as much ribbon.

more practical than some of those boxes that only have holes for 3 or 6 ribbons.

pretty to look at and cheap to create!

matthieu seemed to enjoy his birthday this year - and his cake was yummy!!! (roseau bakery has awesome cakes!) he was excited with his gifts but i imagine that's going to get harder to do soon...
danielle is looking foward to swimming lessons - she keeps asking when they are... and of course, they have to be at the end of august!

danielle also lost her first tooth!!! she was so excited that it finally happened! the toothfairy visited her on tuesday night while she was sleeping... we forgot to put her tooth under the pillow the first night - it was still on display : )

chantale is loving being outside every chance she gets! the thunderstorms and tornado warnings have slowed down - so now if only the mosquitoes would go away it looks like it's the beginnings of an awesome summer...