well diane called me at work tuesday morning because danielle had a sore arm after jumping off a chair, not a high chair, not a kitchen chair, but a kid's little yellow plastic chair. i guess she landed on her arm and then it started to swell. i didn't know what to do when diane called to tell me about it - danielle wasn't crying, she could move her arm some, she said it hurt, but she wasn't crying. diane and i were at a loss, neither one of us have had to deal with broken bones before so we didn't know what to look for. diane put ice on it and then said she'd call in a little while to let me know danielle was doing. well then danielle was acting normal, playing and joking and eating, but she said it still hurt. luckily, one of diane's neighbours is a chiropractor so she asked him what he thought. dislocated, maybe? so we need to bring her in. i wasn't thinking when i left work, i was still signed on to everything, left my desk with stuff i was working on - thinking i'd back before the end of the work day. it couldn't be broken, we wouldn't be at hospital long. yeah, right!

first we go in a room where the nurse checks out danielle and asks her questions, then we get moved to another room. we wait there until they come get danielle to escort her to xray. she thought taking a picture of her arm was cool. she was hoping she'd get a chance to see the pictures of her arm. then we went back to the room to wait for the doctor. imagine my surprise when he comes in after looking at her xrays and telling us that danielle has a broken elbow! so they moved us to yet another room where the doctor came back to put her arm in a splint and said that we'd have to go see the "bone doctor" in grand forks. it hurt danielle when they were putting the splint on, but she was being tough! she didn't care for the sling they put her arm in though, especially when they said she'd have to keep it on til she saw the doctor the next day. they gave her prescription for tylenol with codeine.

danielle didn't wake up that night, but she was restless. so she didn't have any meds till yesterday morning, we gave her her dose and then a little bit to eat. she started saying she was going to be sick and sure enough.... she tried nibbling on a few things but nothing would stay down. when i called the hospital to see what i could give her instead, they said it was the codeine, it's hard on the stomach. she was still throwing up on the way to grand forks. fun... i even missed my exit because i was trying to help danielle open the bag - poor thing was having a hard time managing with one good hand : )

so then we're at the valley bone and joint clinic, chantale is striking up a conversation with EVERYONE... "what's your name?" and usually they wouldn't realize she was talking to them, so it was like a loop of "what's your name?" "what's your name?" "what's your name?" until they would turn their attention to her LOL

all the doctors and nurses there are super nice. a VERY busy place! dr. thompson is her doctor, he showed us where the break was and said it's aligned pretty good but you could see one part where it was jutting out slightly, he said that should not cause any problems though. he explained a few things and that we'd have a few trips ahead of us. luckily we'll be able to do the re-xray in a week in roseau and they'll send the pictures to the clinic in grand forks for her doctor to take a look at them there. we'll be going back to grand forks in three weeks when she'll likely have this cast removed and have a new one put on for another three weeks. after that, danielle will need "parental supervision" for a while. LOL.

ben came and wrapped her arm in a full arm cast, he enlisted me as his nurse - good thing we had a good patient or i might not have done so well : ) he's a super nice guy too - gave us some tips on taking baths, etc. since he'd been through it last year when his little guy broke his arm. i gave guy a call when we were done. he was in grand forks for work and he took some time off to join us for lunch. we went to boston pizza - but in the states they call in "boston's - the gourmet pizza" as i've been corrected.

oh yeah, dr. thompson gave danielle prescription for an anti-nausea medicine or something but i brought it back to roseau to get filled, no one had that dose in liquid. they could get it by this afternoon but in the meantime she'd be puking... so we decided to try just regular tylenol/motrin and that's been working fine. she says she's not in pain with just the regular stuff so we'll keep up with that.

flashback to when my nephew, daniel, was one and a half (i think?) and he broke his leg after a tumble from a little tykes-type playstructure - and he had to be in a whole leg cast : (

danielle appreciates the calls and emails : ) so thanks for checking on her. if you do talk to her, please remind her she needs to rest her arm and not be so active - she thinks she can still continue to do everything like usual!

spent the weekend at camp moose lake, it was so much fun (like usual). i love going there because it is such an awesome setup - have your own space to scrapbook, lots of fun people, good food put on by the camp hosts, fun projects and fun ideas!!

here's a pic of the group that was there this time...

i started on a scrapbook album for memere (shh - it's a surprise!) it's been really interesting reading my ancestors history in the family books - i was trying to put faces to old pictures i was putting in her scrapbook. when i was thinking of doing this album for her, i was thinking that i wouldn't have much journaling in it but now i have some awesome stories to put in her scrapbook - there's a ton of stories in the family books, even about their voyage over from france and when they immigrated to canada. poor nicole had to put up with my blabbering about these people she didn't know : )

i was happy with what i got done - i still have a lot to do so i'll have to keep at it for the rest of the week. good thing i have a couple of days off this week!!
for over forty years the canadian cancer society has been selling live bunches of bright yellow daffodils across the province to raise money in the fight against cancer. buy daffodils to celebrate spring and give hope to the future of all manitobans. the money raised through daffodil sales support cancer research, information and support for people living with cancer.

ok - maybe not that popular! some of you have said that you'd like to see some of my scrapbooking/papercrafting projects on here so i thought i'd show some of the altered lunch boxes that i've done. i love doing these!!! i think i've done 10 or so of them so far - gave some as christmas gifts a couple of years ago - i hope they were well liked : ) the rest of them i finished last fall and i still have - like these ones that i'm putting pics of. i tried selling them at a couple of places where lisa (my sister) was selling her fibers/ribbons but no takers. oh well. maybe i'll put them on ebay or something. in the meantime...

"what is an american or a canadian?" have you read this one before? it's been around a few years. the email claims it’s written by a dentist in australia but according to snopes.com it’s actually written by an american professor soon after sep.11.2001. the email version i got referred to both americans and canadians - which i think is mostly interchangeable when reading this. my first thought was who's out to want canadians killed just for being canadian?! what did we do?! without getting all political and correct, because my blog is just for fun, i think most of this rings true for both u.s and canada… here's as it was originally published:

What Is An American?A primer.
By Peter Ferrara, an associate professor of law at the George Mason University School of Law.September 25, 2001 9:20 a.m.

You probably missed it in the rush of news last week, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper there an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American.
So I just thought I would write to let them know what an American is, so they would know when they found one.
An American is English…or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani, or Afghan.
An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan. The only difference is that in America they are free to worship as each of them choose.
An American is also free to believe in no religion. For that he will answer only to God, not to the government, or to armed thugs claiming to speak for the government and for God.
An American is from the most prosperous land in the history of the world. The root of that prosperity can be found in the Declaration of Independence, which recognizes the God-given right of each man and woman to the pursuit of happiness.
An American is generous. Americans have helped out just about every other nation in the world in their time of need. When Afghanistan was overrun by the Soviet army 20 years ago, Americans came with arms and supplies to enable the people to win back their country. As of the morning of September 11, Americans had given more than any other nation to the poor in Afghanistan.
An American does not have to obey the mad ravings of ignorant, ungodly cruel, old men. American men will not be fooled into giving up their lives to kill innocent people, so that these foolish old men may hold on to power. American women are free to show their beautiful faces to the world, as each of them choose.
An American is free to criticize his government's officials when they are wrong, in his or her own opinion. Then he is free to replace them, by majority vote.
Americans welcome people from all lands, all cultures, all religions, because they are not afraid. They are not afraid that their history, their religion, their beliefs, will be overrun, or forgotten. That is because they know they are free to hold to their religion, their beliefs, their history, as each of them choose.
And just as Americans welcome all, they enjoy the best that everyone has to bring, from all over the world. The best science, the best technology, the best products, the best books, the best music, the best food, the best athletes.
Americans welcome the best, but they also welcome the least. The nation symbol of America welcomes your tired and your poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, the homeless, tempest tossed.
These in fact are the people who built America. Many of them were working in the twin towers on the morning of September 11, earning a better life for their families.
So you can try to kill an American if you must. Hitler did. So did General Tojo and Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung, and every bloodthirsty tyrant in the history of the world.
But in doing so you would just be killing yourself. Because Americans are not a particular people from a particular place. They are the embodiment of the human spirit of freedom. Everyone who holds to that spirit, everywhere, is an American.
So look around you. You may find more Americans in your land than you thought were there. One day they will rise up and overthrow the old, ignorant, tired tyrants that trouble too many lands. Then those lands too will join the community of free and prosperous nations.
And America will welcome them.