Cafesjian's Carousel

Built : 1914
Cost: $8 500.
Size: 50 feet across
Weight: 30 tons

68 hand-carved horses
2 hand-carved chariots
all of which are mostly wearing their original paint
originally located on the grounds of the Minnesota State Fair, it was moved to Town Square Park (an enclosed city park on the top level of a building in the heart of downtown St. Paul) and then at St. Paul's Como Park
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unfortunately, i haven't a clue on the types of butterflies these are... but there were many! many of the same kind, many different kinds, many different sizes... but they were all so beautiful! there were so many - they would fly all around, totally ignorant that you were in their environment. one even landed on the lady ahead of me and stayed long enough for her friend to take out her camera and snap a photo. they had warned us before entering to not touch the butterflies, if one should happen to land on you, you should just leave it be until it flies away....

this one was my favourite! such a brilliant blue on the full other side of it's wings...
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