well we made it here... had a few bumps (no, nothing major!)

missed one of our trains to the Central Station in Montréal so took a taxi instead : ) the train ride to Québec City was great! the view wasn't much different than what we're used to most of the way. Very nice here!! Wonderful architecture and wonderful history awaits us...

We had another little bump this morning when water started leaking from the ceiling. Our luck... We had a GREAT room, actually it was like a suite. They're pretty booked for tonight so not sure what kind of room we'll be getting yet. Oh well, we'll be gone most of the day today anyways.

We're going to make our way through the Old Upper Québec today and end up at the Citadel by the end of the afternoon. We'll give you an update tonight again. Thankfully there is a computer in the hotel lobby that is available to guests!

Oh! and we were told that "Vos accents sont mignon!" LOL


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